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Houston was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and the city experienced flooding due to the heavy rains. Not only should you be concerned about the wind, but also the water.

Houston has the highest number of waterlogged vehicles. According to CARFAX data, Houston and its surrounding areas will have 34,000 flooded cars by 2021.

Rainstorms, floods, and heavy downpours are common occurrences in the United States. People may be able to seek shelter from natural disasters, but cars may not. Hurricane Harvey was massive and caused widespread devastation, including the flooding of many cars. In some cases, flooded vehicles end up in junkyards.

We, Adam Car Buyer, are here to buy your flooded cars and give you the best possible deal. We also buy damaged cars from accidents or used cars and trucks.


Floods can cause significant damage to automobiles. If your car has been flooded, you should get it checked out right away before driving it. If the water in your vehicle’s transmission or other mechanical parts causes it to malfunction, and if these problems are not addressed immediately, the repairs could be costly. 

If the vehicle is driven around the flooded street, it may become flooded. As a result, the flooded cars must be dealt with to complete a profitable deal.

  • To assess the damage to your flooded car, keep the windows open so that air can pass through; otherwise, mold will grow, and you and the vehicle will be at risk.
  • Before causing severe damage to the car, remember that flood water is enriched with salt and will cause severe damage to the car’s parts, including the engine.
  • Take a look under your car’s hood and inspect all of the components. If any part, from the seat belt to the engine and exteriors, is serviceable. It could be a hydro-locked engine, water stains on the interior, or the entire vehicle submerged in floodwaters.
  • Inspect the windows, roll them down, and let the air circulate inside your car. When you’re finished, remove all personal items and other removable parts that don’t play a critical role in the car’s operation.
  • You can make a decent amount of money on your junk cars if it’s worth any assurance. It is critical to be aware of and comprehend the current state of your vehicle. 

There is no point in repairing the flooded car if the repair cost exceeds the original car’s value. Instead, the insurance company may declare the vehicle totaled and dispose of it in a junkyard.

Repairing a flooded car isn’t the least expensive option. In the event it isn’t covered by insurance, it could be very difficult and expensive. However, except for optional comprehensive coverage in the case of flooding or heavy downpours, the insurance company is generally extremely reluctant to cover any repair costs.

If the cost of repairing the flooded car exceeds the original car’s value, repairing it is meaningless to repair it. The insurance company may instead declare it totaled and send it to a junkyard.

However, if the car is new or the repair cost is relatively low, it’s certainly not a bad idea to repair it. Nonetheless, restoring a flooded car is going to be a challenging task. It may not achieve the desired achievement.

Why Choose Adam Car Buyer?

We understand how much you adore your vehicle and how attached you are to it as its owner. The most challenging part is selling your car. Adam Car Buyer understands the value of your investment. We buy your cars and offer you numerous opportunities for the people of Houston and the surrounding areas. Our unique selling points include:

  • Please provide the best deal: As junk car enthusiasts, our mission is to provide the best cash-for-car value in Houston.
  • Our sellers receive free pickups and towing: Consider selling your flood-damaged car if you don’t know what to do with it. Don’t give up; Adam’s car buying in Houston and the surrounding area offers an excellent opportunity to sell your car. We have arrived at your residence to assist you. Rather than dumping your flooded car, we will provide you with the best price for it.
  • Instant Cash:– We pay our seller with instant cash once we have agreed on the price of the vehicle. As a result, we are the most convenient place in Houston to sell junk cars.
  • What we buy:- We buy flooded cars, wrecked cars, junk cars, and cars without titles. We buy them all. Contact us today and get the best possible deal on your flooded car. 
  • No Paper Work Required:- If you don’t have enough documents, don’t worry. We, Adam Car Buyers, resolve all your complications when it comes to the paperwork. All we care about is the condition of the car.
  • Years of Experience:- We have been in business for more than 20 years now, and our reputation as the most reliable junk car buyer in Houston has been built because we are in the automotive recycling industry.
  • Houston’s Trusted Junk Car Buyers:- Our business ethics and methodology distinguish us from the competition. As Houston junk car buyers, we are always committed to providing excellent customer service and a hassle-free experience.
  • We are available 24/7:- We make every effort to reach out to our customers as soon as possible. On weekends, we also visit our customers. We strive to make our transactions as simple as possible for our customers.

Don’t be concerned if you plan to sell your car on weekdays, weekends, or special holidays. We are available around the clock.

In exchange for cash, several junk car buyers in Houston would gladly accept flooded cars. This is appropriate if the person who owns the car does not have adequate car insurance to cover it. the repair costs. Furthermore, it would alleviate any stress caused by high flood-damaged car costs. We can provide the best cash-for-car deals in Houston. Contact us right away if you require any additional assistance. 

Contact us at (281)73,2-5040 if you want to sell your junk car in Houston and its nearby places.


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