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Old cars that have hit mileage milestones

Your old car has most likely been lying in your garage for a long time and you’ve decided to finally sell it to use the space for another vehicle. And the most possible reason is when you’ve hit the 100,000 mile mark and your engine starts puffing and pulling and the rear wheels don’t turn as they used to. What happens when you sell your car at this stage?

Adam Car Buyer makes it possible for you to get the best quote for your old car. Few of the requisites that are looked upon when coming to a conclusion with the pay are:

  • Make, model, year of manufacture.
  • The decisive mileage milestone crossed.
  • Salvageable parts that are of value
  • Condition of the car

Your old car will be quoted a fixed price based on the above two conditions, but you can get a higher pay depending on the condition and salvageable parts of your car. Even though most cars that have crossed the 100,000 mark or less might generally be of poor conditions, if your car has a good amount of exterior, interior and mechanical features still left, that will be taken into account. We will give you a fair estimate for the seats and cushions and also for the airbags if you have them.

Value for Salvageable parts:

Your old car can go on a great price if the core parts are still intact or have the decisive quality to function well with minimum repair. While most of the parts might be out of condition it is important that these two parts are in good condition.

  • Engine:  The energy source of your car gets the most uptight resale value if it’s in good condition and rocking in performance. Even if the condition of the engine is not that good you can get a significant amount for it based on the year, make and model of your car. The price can vary largely between long and short block engines which have different components altogether. The head gaskets have to be of uptight conditions since they are the primary resources of an engine.
  • Transmission: Considering the complexity of the transmission of a car, it is very important that it is still intact and manages to perform reasonably well to get you a good bargain. Old cars have unlikely gone through the rough to acquire transmission issues in terms of slipping gears or delayed gear engagement. Transmission repairs can be very expensive so the pay you get will solely depend on its performance.

Other parts such as suspension and brakes will be considered in terms of quality and performance to give you a fair price. The electrical wiring of your car can also throw you some dollars based on its quality.