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Wrecked Cars For Cash

Recently had a car accident? It’s frustrating and chaotic.We know because we buy wrecked cars of all sorts and kinds. Even if you’re looking for an automaker to repair your damaged car, chances are you’ll be investing time and again on a commodity that is depreciating in its market value as time goes by. 

So your next best option is selling a wrecked car. 

If you want to know who buys wrecked cars in Houston, we do. Adam Car Buyer is a reliable source for selling junk cars, and wrecked cars of any model. We are a team of automobile experts who buy used trucks and other four wheeled vehicles. And we love this trade! We deal with car owners of every kind, giving you the perfect place to get rid of wrecked cars and trucks that are damaged, old or scrapped. 

Our junk yard facility in Houston buys wrecked cars for the purpose of auto recycling. We are car enthusiasts who believe even a damaged car is valuable. But to understand the value, our team of expert mechanics turn bits and loads of junk into a productive asset that benefits our consumers, and gives us the chance to be more sustainable. At Adam Car Buyer, we love what we are doing because junk cars mean a lot to us. 

What To Expect When Selling a Wrecked Car?

Want to sell wrecked cars? It doesn’t have to be a difficult task in Houston. Once you know who buys wrecked cars near you, you’re one towaway from making quick cash. We are industry experts for vehicle owners who are looking for a fast, quick and electronic free experience. If your car has been wrecked in an accident, flood or fire maybe even vandalized, Adam Car Buyer gives you an easy solution right at your doorstep.

Auto Repairs Too Expensive? Get Cash for Wrecked Cars.

Adam Car Buyer will buy any car, van, SUV or truck that has been in an accident or suffered any other damage. What’s the next step?

Why Should I Sell My Car For Cash?

Sell My Crashed Car For Cash

We know you love your car and without one, you’re helpless. And when you don’t have insurance, it gets worse. When times get tough, you think about salvage yards but what if your car’s worth more? Even a wrecked vehicle has parts that can be reused or recycled. We want your wrecked car no matter the size, or the damage incurred.

So what to do with a wrecked car that’s only costing you more money by the minute. You sell it, especially when it’s not worth repairing. Keeping a wrecked car will only incur additional repair costs. You’ll spend time on maintenance for a car that’s already lost its value. But there are wrecked car buyers who will salvage the damaged parts.

Why to Sell Wrecked Cars?

Wrecked Cars
Get Time & Convenience

When you get rid of a damaged or old junker, you can earn cash in return. You don’t even have to go through an exhausting application process, or wait for an approval. There’s no sweeter deal than selling a wrecked car. You can have a professional junk car dealer give you a quote and pickup date.

Get Money for Wrecked Cars

Wrecked cars take up space, time and money. They guzzle up a lot of money on repairs compared to a new or working model. Why keep dumping a lot of cash on repairs when you can’t afford it? Instead you can get cash for wrecked cars and invest that money into getting a new car.

Save the Environment

Wrecked cars eventually become an eyesore. The damaged car will always be a reminder that you need to save up for more repairs. If you leave a wrecked car stashed somewhere it becomes hazardous to the environment. So an environment friendly option is to scrap the wrecked car for cash to a reputable junkyard.

Free Pickup Services

There are times when you’ve been in an accident and haven’t been able to tow the damaged car during the recovery process. In such moments you’ll barely think about the car and more about your health and safety. With a reputable junk buyer near you, you can tow the car for free and make quick money.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars Near Me?

Let’s be honest. It takes a lot of time to deal with an accidental car. It’s a lot worse without insurance since the cost of repairs over the years will outweigh the actual value of the car. It isn’t easy to find a private buyer so a lot of car owners find reputable salvage yards where they can sell wrecked cars. 

Being stuck with a wrecked car is no fun. We understand this. You can’t predict an accident. There’s never a good time for such a situation like this. At times, they’re unavoidable for e.g. a tree branch falling on your car. If you want to know what to do with a wrecked car, we’re here to help. 

At Adam Car Buyer, we make this process easy, smooth and completely transparent. Our automobile experts are trained to understand exactly what the damage is, making sure it is properly appraised. We take many things into account while inspecting the car before determining its value — from its mechanical upkeep and exterior value to its mileage, make and model. 

Cash For Flooded Cars
Crashed Car Buyer in Houston
We buy Destroyed junk Cars in Houston

“I Want To Sell My Car for Cash”

If your car’s been wrecked because of an accident, that’s unfortunate. But the next steps should ease you in. When you don’t have insurance, come find us at Adam Car Buyer. We’re wrecked car buyers near you. Servicing in and around Houston, we buy damaged cars of any and every kind despite the model, size and makeup. Our highly skilled experts specialize in buying and evaluating wrecked vehicles of all kinds. When you come to us, you are dealing with experts who know how to evaluate your car even after an accident. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get Your Car Towed
  • One Quick Inspection
  • Get the Right Quote
  • Sell Wrecked Car
  • Get Your Payment

Don’t Know What To Do With a Wrecked Car ?

Adam Car Buyer offers you free pickup and same day payment after evaluation.

What is a Wrecked Car?

Destroyed Car buyer in Texas

To assess the severity of the damage correctly, you need experts to evaluate the value of a wrecked car. Accidental hits can critically damage your car but that doesn’t mean the vehicle your car won’t run. You will need to evaluate if the cost of repair exceeds the actual value of the vehicle. When it does, your wrecked car is better off sold than stored away in the garage. To understand the damage, you should know where the car was hit. There are many ways to describe an accident, but the crash can be a single damage collision or a combination of different types. 

  • Is the damage a rear end collision and this may happen when the rear end of your vehicle collides against an object (another speeding vehicle or an obstruction)
  • Is the damage a T-bone wreck which happens because of a side impact collision. This occurs mostly around intersections or exits, sometimes around a sharp turn. 
  • Is the damage a head on collision wherein two cars driving down from opposite directions clash against each other face up. 
  • Is the damage a rollover accident when the tires loose friction and control causing your car to topple over instantly. 


Flood & Hail 

There are different types of wrecked cars and not every vehicle suffers accidental damage in a car collision or crash. Your car can also be wrecked owing to flooding in your area. This type of water damage is most devastating and brings down the value of your car drastically. In many areas a hail storm can cause significant harm to your window shields and the roof. Water damage can also lead to severe rusting. While parting a car can be a temporary solution, what if you don’t have the time to do it?

Fire Hazards

Most vehicles are wrecked in a fire hazard that happens because of gasoline leakage. When the fuel injectors come under pressure, that oftens causes a leakage. Think car collisions, a broken O-ring. All it needs is some spark to ignite the fire and lead to an explosion. Even poorly installed batteries can catch a spark and burst. Sometimes you may even have a blown engine! Telltale signs of this would include rapid fumes, white exhaust, blown piston, blocked engine etc. Whatever be the cause of a fire damaged car, it’s a wreck in the end. 

Cash for Your Destroyed Car in Texas

Before you look for car buyers near you, inspect the wrecked vehicle first. If it has been wrecked because of an explosion or fire hazard, there’s still hope. Adam Car Buyer will tow and buy a fire damaged car irrespective of how severe the wreck is.


Q: What to do with a wrecked car if I’m stuck in an accident?
A: Get your car towed for free with Adam Car Buyer. If you’re anywhere within Greater Houston metropolitan or neighboring areas, we’re here to lend a hand in an instant. Currently we’re servicing in Houston, Sugar Land, League City, Pasadena, Pearland, Cypress, the Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, Missouri City, La Prorte, Rosenberg, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, Mission Bend and Spring!
Q: What if I don’t have time to inspect my wrecked car?
A: Drop us a call or fill the form below if you’re running short on time. Adam Car Buyer will schedule the pickup and inspect your car for an evaluation. Once you’re ready to sell a wrecked car, we’re available to you any time, any day of the week. Your wrecked car is the best means to make quick cash with little hassle.
Q: If I don’t have accidental car insurance, can I still sell my car for cash?
A: Absolutely. We’re not picky or high handed when it comes to buying wrecked cars in Houston. We have all kinds of customers selling wrecked cars on a daily basis. Adam Car Buyer will buy wrecked cars that don’t have titleship. We buy all types of four wheeled vehicles: underperforming, crashed, junk and cars that have crossed their mileage milestones.
Q: How much can I earn for selling wrecker cars?
A: We won’t evaluate a quote before inspecting your car. Our experts will tow your wrecked vehicle for free and then inspect your car’s damage. But whether it’s a car or a truck - we’ll quote the best price for it and you’ll be paid on spot once the offer is finalized.
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Sell a Wrecked Car Today

Sell a Wrecked Car Today

Do you want to sell wrecked cars? Just fill the form below or talk to our experts for the best deal ever. Adam Car Buyer has an agile team of wrecked car/junk car buyers who find value in everything - even if it's damaged. And you get paid for it! Get a bang on deal for a wrecked car right away.