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TOP 15 Reasons to Sell Your Old Car or Trucks to Adam Car Buyers

Do you buy cars in any conditions?

Yes. we take in all cars - whether junk or or not. We deal with junk cars as a whole but also take in any car that might be recently bought or a car that runs well too. You might ask who would take my junk car, Adam Car Buyer will take them. 

Do you pay well for junk cars?

Adam Car Buyer pays the best deal for your junk car. Well, how much cash you get for your junk car can depend on the weight of the metal scrap and the salvageable parts available. You can also earn premium cash for additional accessories and plugins such as power windows, leather seats, 

How much are junk cars worth?

The junk car market is a great business in Houston and you can possibly earn upto 40,000$ depending on the conditions of your car. The auto recycling industry is at an all time high and people like us who buy junk cars pass it on to them to get our share. 

Do you remove my junk car from driveaway?

Yes! We will tow your junk cars from your location. It can be from anywhere within Houston or Texas. We have our team of highly trained mechanics who will tow your junk car off the location with our tow trucks. 

What's the first step after contacting Adam Car Buyer?

We will assign you a personal buyer who will guide you through the process and go through the car details. Further on our team will come up who picks up your junk car for cash.

Can I drive my car to your place?

Yes sure! If your car is in a working condition you are free to drive it to our premises. We’ll only be happy to receive your car in. 

Does the whole buying process take time?

Our speciality lies in giving you the pay on the same day you pitch out to us with your car. We don’t like to linger along the buying process and hence come up with an instant quote for your car. 

Why should I trust your buyers?

One might ask who buys junk cars near me. But the more glamorous question is who pays Adam Car Buyer. Yes! That’s our mentality. We love to give you the full amount that your worthy car can possibly afford. 

Why should I sell my old junk car?

Your old car can possibly yield you great returns rather than just simply setting it aside or treating it like junk. Adam Car Buyer justifies the buyer's question of where to sell junk cars near me. We will attend to any seller within Houston and Texas in the quickest time.

Why have you chosen this business as junk yards who buy cars?

We want to be known as junk yards who buy cars as we are a team of auto recycling and car enthusiasts who love to turn the bits and loads of junk into a productful asset. This is more of a passion for our team of buyers and mechanics who love what we are doing and do it because junk cars mean a lot to us. 

Does my car become useful after it’s removed?

Oftentimes we don’t realize how much are junk cars worth. They can possibly contain the metal to harness a useful product or the car manufacturer who sees into the junk knows where he’ll get those parts acoss. So you don’t have to worry about your car once removed from your driveaway. It’s safe in our hands. 

How much do you charge for towing?

Towing charges are absolutely free. We provide the service freely as means to show you that we are interested in giving you the maximum pay for your junk car. 

What happens when we accept your offer?

We will come to your place and pick the car up. We will give you the quoted price on our arrival. First things first! 

Why do you buy junk cars?

People who buy junk cars like us are interested in making good use of the junk and the metal scraps for other beneficiary purposes. We pass it on to auto recycling enthusiasts who make good use of it. 

Will you tow my car from the wrecked location?

Yes. We will send our tow trucks fitted with the necessary accessories to the wrecked location.  You just have to let us know and we will be off in a giffy. 

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