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How to scrap a car for the most money?

how to scrap a car for the most money

How to scrap a car for the most money?

When your old car isn’t roadworthy anymore, it’s time to say goodbye and look for a reliable junkyard near you. You might consider repairing the old junker but why waste so much of your garage space when you can scrap it for good money? So how to scrap a car for the most money in Houston? Let’s find out. 

Make Top Dollar When Selling Your Junk Car

We’ve come across many car owners who don’t get enough cash for junk cars. Right now, you’re stuck between social distancing norms and venturing out for potential buyers who may or may not buy the old junker. And though scrap yards are useful for junk removal, you also want to make the most money. Before you hire junk car removals for immediate disposal, you should know what’s working and what’s not. Whether it’s a damaged car or an old yard truck, there could always be parts worth more money. 

What Car Parts Are REALLY Valuable?

car parts are really valuable

To know how to scrap a car means knowing there are several parts on the outside and inside that’ll make top dollar. If your regular mechanic has already declared the car as ‘dead and gone’, your next job is to remove a few basic parts. This is where Adam Car Buyer offers an all-in-one solution for Houston car owners. According to industry experts these are the car parts that need to be evaluated first – 

  •  Pack the Power

Your car’s battery is the easiest thing to find and unplug even if you don’t know much about automobiles. While a working battery will sell for more, a dead battery is also worth a few bucks especially if the old car is a vintage edition. Adam Car Buyer is one of the nearest car salvage yards in Houston that buys wrecked car batteries for a fair price. So all that hunting around for a suitable dealer ends here. 

  • All That Metal’s Worth

If you’re thinking of scrapping all that metal, get a clear idea of your car’s total weight, and find out parts that are broken and unhinged. In truth even an old car’s metal body is worth a lot of money irrespective of the age, model and working condition. If you don’t have the time to strip off the metal, find a reliable junkyard that will simplify the process for you. 

  • Check the Music System
check the music system

The music system in modern cars is pretty sleek so one that still functions brings more value for money. The sound system is easy to remove and if you want to keep it with you before scrapping your car, go right ahead. Before doing away with an old or junk car, evaluate the cost of each part so you can round up a quick estimate on your own. 

  • Bumper it Up

Flood damaged cars may not have functional interiors but you can always get a good price for the exteriors. We’re talking about car bumpers that have a durable construct so you can sell these at a higher price. Even if your car bumper has a few dents here and there, it will still be of great value to junkyards near you. 

  • Navigation or GPS System

Almost every car features a GPS unless it’s an old model with car parts that are no longer manufactured. Not only is it easy to remove, it’s worth a few hundred dollars despite the age and model of the vehicle. No matter how battered your car may be, check for other electrical parts like the air conditioning system to hike up the price. 

  • Exteriors & Interiors

Before you scrap your junk car, check for faulty windows, doors and mirrors because these parts can be an added bonus to your cost evaluation. Junk cars that have undamaged exteriors and interiors sell for a great price. Check if the handbrake works, what’s the condition of your gear box, and what about your windshield?

scrap your junk car
  • Wheelin’ it in

Before you put your wheels down at the scrapyard, check the condition of the tyres. Very few junkyards will pay a handsome fee for old car tyres. If the tires and rim are not functional or your engine’s dead, hire a junk car removal service that offers free pickup.

What’s the Actual Damage?

Before you evaluate the actual price of your old car, understand that different car parts account for varying prices. You may have an old with a defective battery, or a battered piece that needs to be picked up after an accidental. Maybe the engine’s blown or you just want to rid yourself the extra baggage while moving interstate. Whatever be the condition of your old car or truck, you can still scrap it for good money.

actual price of your old car

Always Check the Mileage

The average price for junk cars varies anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on which parts give you the best value. While you may not get any returns on the fuel, mileage is another factor to determine your car’s worth. While all junkyards remove cars that have surpassed their mileage milestone, you still want to make the most money. Junkyards where every part of the car is evaluated quantitatively versus qualitatively are the best places to scrap an old car.

always check the mileage

What if My Car is Untitled?

There’s no need to abandon an untitled car midway to nowhere – Adam Car Buyer is the best place to scrap your junk car irrespective of its condition, age, model or title. Instead of wasting time and money just to get your car moved to the junkyard, Adam is a reliable junk car buyer who offers free towing facilities and same day payment for your junk car. 

Don’t know how to scrap or sell your junk car in Houston? We can help. 


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