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Tips for Selling a Car That Has Been in an Accident

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Tips for Selling a Car That Has Been in an Accident

Selling a car that has been in an accident is not that hard.

Sounds crazy?

61% of people will consider buying a car that has survived an accident. So, before putting up your accident car for sale sign, here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

car's accident history

Be Transparent about your Car’s Accident History

Be straightforward about your car’s accident history. This will establish the fact that you are an honest individual. Do not spare any details concerning the accident and documentation relating to it. Your buyer should be able to trust you a hundred percent.

Disclose details about the car’s mileage, condition, and reasons for selling it. Hold on to your car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and allow your buyer to check up on your car. You can also get a DMV report from the Department of Justice’s National Motor Vehicle Title Information System for about $5. All this information will reassure your junk car buyer in Houston and make the sale easier.

repairs and maintenance of accident car

Repairs and Maintenance History of your Accident Car

Disclosing damages related to the accident is very important. In fact, in certain cases withholding accidental damages might even be illegal. Make sure you have a maintenance report of the vehicle. In case you don’t, it is wise to contact the dealership or a repair shop and make them carry out a thorough check. Getting your car in the best shape before you sell it off, will get you a good deal.

Allow the buyer to carry out an inspection but only by a professional mechanic. The buyer should bear any expenses relating to this kind of inspection.

hold on to your car's title

Hold on to Your Car’s Title

Your car’s title is proof of your ownership. It is necessary to hand over your car’s title to your buyer. Using the title, they can get the ownership transferred at a DMV. Without a title, you might as well be selling a stolen car.

In certain states, like Vermont, the original bill of purchase works just as well. Also, if your car is 15 years or older, your bill of purchase will be enough to prove your ownership. However, selling a car without a title can be a real pain.

draft a bill of sale

Draft a Bill of Sale.

The bill of sale includes the date of sale, description of the vehicle, and the names of both parties. It stands as a legal document determining your terms of sale. In certain states, this document is mandatory. The Bill of Sale will hold up in court in case of any future conflicts. All conditional agreements must be mentioned in it. A verbal contract is never a good idea.

setting the price of your accident car

Setting the Price of your Accident Car

Be fair with the price. Even if all your documents are in order, don’t go too steep with the price. KBB.com will help you check the ongoing prices of cars like yours and help you set a price.


All these pointers will help you sell your accident car without too much hassle. However, If you are in Houston, Texas, Adam Car Buyer is the answer to how to sell your car that has been in an accident? 

From accident cars to junk cars to cars without a title, we will buy it all. Call us now, to get the best deal on your accident car

Ahmad Bustami

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June 10, 2021

Valuable points. Thanks for sharing information about the junk cars when it is damaged. it is too difficult to sell a car but in your blog, I easily understand that selling a junk car is not difficult. Thanks!!!

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