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We take in all cars/trucks irrespective of the model, condition, year of manufacturing or even what you might call junk. 

If you want to sell your car to us just follow
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Why you need to sell your car with Adam Car Buyer?

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Best deal for your vehicle

We make sure that you get the best possible deal for your car/truck depending on the condition, model and other features.
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Just a phone call away

Any day, any time, we’re always available to pick up your car/truck and give you an instant quote for it.
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Recycle your car

We make use of the salvageable parts of your automobile and repair other parts and give them to retailers so that they don’t go wasted.

3 good reasons why you need to sell your car?

Broken down and rusted

Your car is not likely responding in terms of performance, mileage and comfort. The engine, radiators, shock absorbers don’t seem to be coming off the hook. We’ll buy your junk car in Houston for the best price you know.

Major car wreck

Your car has unlikely been through a major accident and it has been damaged so badly there’s not an option but to do away with it. We give you straight off cash for all the unbroken parts.

Upgrade your car

For all good reasons, there are many who just love the idea of crashing your newly landed paycheck on a better version of your sedan or SUV. And you want to get the best deal for your old car! You have our word.


Profitable, enjoyable and heart rendering services!

We know that your car or truck is one likely possession you wouldn’t like to trade with in your lifetime or for that sake let anyone deal with it. But the reality is that cars like other automobiles have an expiry date and they tend to underperform if they are dragged in these circumstances. It is important that you sell your car/truck when it has crossed the decisive amount of miles mark or when you see that the resale value of your car/truck starts depreciating. Smart and Informed decisions can yield you huge dividends with us as we give you optimum cash for the right concerns.

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    The resale value of your car would purely depend on these factors:
  • Make of the car
  • Model and year of release
  • Conditioning and maintenance
  • Mileage and mechanical makeup
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    Based on these inputs we will give you a fair price for your car, letting you know on what basis we tallied the pay. We will check for the parts that are still working and those that can be repaired to give you the best deal for it.
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It’s all about an emotion - your car means a lot to us!

Cars can be the most fascinating of enterprises and the most relished of adventures that we love to hold on to. It’s all about an emotion, a craving and in all meaning ‘ the fine experience of driving.’ But over time a car, just like its other contemporaries such as SUVs and trucks can undergo a fugitive breakdown and scale up those monthly maintenance bills.

Adam Car Buyer would love to take in your old car or just any other car which you would like to sell. Sell broken cars and junk cars in Houston to practically get great returns.

Sell your junk car in Houston to us if you are facing these issues!

Booming maintenance costs

The engine starts underperforming and the brakes are not pulling quite well anymore. The maintenance costs go scaling high. Wrap it over to us for a good deal.

Shortage of money

There are times when we would have to sacrifice with our possessions to maintain financial security and pay our bills. We’ll give you the best deals for your car to get you covered.

Looking for a new venture

You might want to buy a new vehicle to pick a smooth ride for your everyday office convenience. We’ll buy your old car for what it’s worth!


Junk cars in numbers!

The numbers will let you know how we’ve been fairing through in our junk car buying venture. Houston has literally trusted us to deal with their junk cars.

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