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We buy car and trucks in Houston, tx

The best deal for your car and you’ll soon forget all your worries

Do you know that the auto recycling industry is the 16th largest in the United States and Houston stands no better in this grading? A whopping $25 billion dollar goes into the GDP just from what you might call junk or scrap! 

You’ve heard it right! Your junk car can mean a lot. And even more it means a lot to us. 

Adam Car Buyer delivers its speciality in buying junk cars, broken cars, wrecked cars and any type or model of car that you wish to sell. We also buy used trucks that have come off board for daily use or have lost their fancy. And we just love our trade of buying cars and trucks that have gone out of fashion or those that have hit the mileage milestone and no longer are a suitable contender for your ride.

When it comes to cars we know that many might find a bit hesitant to trade it off. But eventually you are forced to sell it as they no longer are in working conditions. Don’t worry Adam Car Buyer knows it all! Our car buying venture will be so graceful that you won’t even feel a tiny bit sorry to trade it with us. We value your pride, your car’s frivolous journey and attach a lot of emotion into buying your car. Our customers have always relished selling their junk cars over to us. They come to visit us often to see how we take in the cars and conduct a comprehensive evaluation to check for the valuable, repairable and recyclable parts of the car.

Our principle is embedded in buying cars and trucks that may have gone off use in your daily schedule and don’t find a place anymore in your garage. 

Cash Junk Cars in Houston
We go out of the way to pay you in full!

You just have to sell your broken cars to us and we will pay you every square inch of the penny for your worthy bogey. We love it all - there’s nothing like pure junk that won’t fetch you any money. From our years of service, we know that every junk car has its own inherent value in terms of metal scrap and salvageable parts. Every junk car has salvageable parts and a ton of metal scrap that can be used for a variety of purposes. According to the make, model, year of manufacture and conditions of the car we will give you the best bet for your car. We conduct a detailed evaluation to see for any salvageable parts and weigh in the possible metal scrap that can be outsourced from your car to give you the best deal. Cash for Cars Houston knows a thing or two that can differentiate our services from the others in terms of the pay we give you. We want our Houston junk cars and customers to get what their car is worth. So you can sell your junk car in Houston to us with full confidence.

Any time, Any day - you name it - we’ll buy your car!

We won’t make you wait long! We’ll fix a fair deal for you upon evaluating your car! Just call us at any time of the day or whenever you get that gut feeling to sell your junk car to us. Once you call us, we’ll be steadfast in reaching out to you and your car’s details. We don’t like to delay the process of going through the car in minute details and pointing fingers to bargain with the price. We give you the quickest price estimates so that you can cash for the car in no time and get going your way. We believe in going the extra mile for our worthy customers who want to cash their car in Houston and we respect that they want to get the best deal for their car. Car owners across Houston have found their trust in us as we only offer the best market deals. Our forte lies in rendering the most complete and dynamic experience to our customers that will speak of the value we attach in buying your junk car in Houston. Our greater sense of gratitude lies in serving car owners across Houston and in Texas to reach out to their financial needs and give them the best deal.


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Auto servicing your car is an essential task that should not be ignored or forgotten.

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Customer-Oriented Service

We value the service we provide and our loyal returning customers can always expect some appreciation from us, like a future service discount or a

Affordable Prices

We value the service we provide and our loyal returning customers can always expect some appreciation from us, like a future service discount or a

High-Quality Car Parts

We value the service we provide and our loyal returning customers can always expect some appreciation from us, like a future service discount or a


What Else? We tow your car for free

Adam Car Buyer will tow your wrecked or junk car from any place you want it to be. We are a like minded team of enthusiastic mechanics and buyers who are available round the clock for car or truck towing. Just let us know and we’ll be quick to come and take your car to our salvage yard.

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