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An individual is allowed to sell a maximum of 5 cars without an auto dealer’s license in Texas. To get fair cash for junk cars Houston, you should get rid of middlemen. Many middlemen do not have a license, and dealing with them may rip you off. 

The auto recycling industry in the United States is the 16th largest in the world. The GDP of what constitutes car scrap is nearly $25 million.

A misconception has been built among people that their junked or wrecked cars are no more valuable.  Honestly, even if your car is not running, it is worth far more than you realize. That junk car in your garage or driveway that you think is trash could end up making you a fair amount of money.

With junk car scams on the rise, people are skeptical about selling their cars. It is always a good idea to sell your junk car. However, selling it to the right source is mandatory.

In this article, we are going to talk about how these scammers operate and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of these scammers.

However, in most cases, these con artists have legitimate-looking websites and prey on your ignorance about selling junk cars for cash Houston.

The Process Of Scamming

The process of selling your junk car generally starts online. Pursuit of the right keywords like, “cash for cars in Houston” or “sell car for cash” on Google generally leads you to legitimate buyers. However, in certain unfortunate circumstances, you might find yourself on a scammer’s website. 

Keep your eye out for these signs, and you will be able to distinguish a scam site from a legitimate one.

  • Scam websites generally offer a higher price than other websites. In certain cases, just to keep your hopes high, they offer ridiculous prices.
  • In most cases, a scam site will not look as legitimate as an authentic junk car buyer’s website. Keep a close eye on their ratings and reviews. In certain cases, however, scammers go the extra mile to make their website look and feel as legitimate as they can.
  • In your unfortunate luck, you may find yourself doing business with one of these con artists, the first thing they will offer you is a pile of paperwork.
  • Now, this is where the scam takes place. Signing these papers would mean signing over the ownership rights of your car to the scammer. 
  • After you sign the paperwork, the company promises to send a wrecker, but the wrecker arrives with no cash or cheque. 
  • Before you know it, you have lost all authority over your vehicle, and the rest you can piece together yourself.
  • Worse, because you voluntarily signed over ownership of your car, you are barred from bringing a criminal charge against the company and must instead file a civil charge. 
  • A pursuit to sue the company will also be rendered useless as, in most cases, it is extremely difficult to find out the legitimate owner of a scam company.

Things to Know Before Selling Your Junk Car 

It is important to remember that scammers prey on your lack of knowledge. This is something we will be discussing in detail below. However, following these points can help prevent you from getting scammed. 

Does your junk car buyer have a website?

This is one of the easiest and most genuine ways to find out about your junk car buyer. If they do not have a website, then they could be unlicensed junk buyers. 

Unlike legitimate junk car buyers, these scammers do not go the extra mile for their customers. In situations where these scammers have websites as well, it is important to see their ratings and customer reviews. It is always good to steer clear of websites that don’t look professional.

The Bandits will exploit your lack of knowledge

As mentioned earlier, junk car bandits exploit your lack of knowledge. In most situations, you will find yourself disagreeing with the buyer after you have fixed the deal with them. 

They will give you an account of your vehicle, which is not true, and overwhelm you with technical jargon to lower the price. Situations like this can frustrate sellers, who often believe that their junk cars are not worth much anyway. 

It is important for sellers to know that the automobile refurbishment industry is at an all-time high, contributing over 25 million dollars to the economy annually. So, even if your junk car is not running, you can still sell it for parts at a higher price than you are having in mind. 

Junk car scammers will have you believe that your car is worth nothing and that they are actually doing you a favor by taking it off your hands. 

Overhead costs are always added on

After you agree to their terms and conditions and the deal is done, they will start adding extra charges, which are going to bring down the price of your vehicle. 

How Does a Legitimate Junk Car Buyer Operate?

Adam Car Buyer has been one of the most trusted junk buyers in Houston for a substantial period of time. They not only make the process of selling junk cars easy but also offer fair cash for cars in Houston. Here is how it works. 

  • You make a call at (281)732-5040 or visit their website to inform them that you want to sell your junk or wrecked car. 
  • One of their experts will visit you on-site and evaluate the price of your car based on its current condition. 
  • Based on the condition of your car, you will be offered the fairest deal for it. In most situations this amount is generally more than what you were looking to make.
  • Once the deal is done, they offer you cash in hand, no questions asked. 
  • There is no paperwork initiated before you get paid. 
  • In case your car does not run any longer, they offer a free towing service in and around Houston. 

That is how easy it is to sell your junk car in Houston. So what are you waiting for? If you want to make a fair amount of cash for that junk car rusting in your driveway, all you have to do is call (281)732-5040 today.


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