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Cars on demand and market value

OK! Your car is doing pretty well. It has run only a sufficient number of miles. The parts and functioning are all top notch. You want to sell your car in your pursuit of a higher end purchase. You deserve the best deal for your well maintained car. Cars that are in demand and have great market value can bring you several dollars in return. 

Let’s understand that some factors are solely responsible for your pay.

  • Mileage and sustenance:

Your car might be in the best shape it’s ever been after you’ve done a full round of servicing and you’re off to sell it at a high price. If the car has run over a decisive number of miles, say the 100,000 mark, then we’ll have to check on the engine conditions, brake pads, transmission, and suspension channels before we place the bet for it. But if they are doing well even on this basis, then you have nothing to worry about. A periodically oiled and maintained car can fetch you huge dividends, and even more if you have the market value to go with it. Showing your maintenance records will also help us see how fairly your car has been getting oil and filter changes, giving you a better value for your car.

  • Higher end settings/options:

Higher end options and settings customized for the modern customer’s travel means that you are getting all the possible odds for a great bargain. But the point is to differentiate between getting paid for aftermarket accessories such as stereos or radios that are not considered. You earn heavily if you have an automatic transmission in place that’s working well and you see things in performance. Additional accessories such as power windows, cruise control, anti lock brakes, leather seats, and navigation systems will be estimated individually and paid in full.

  • Interior and exterior conditions:

The interior of a car, such as the additional layering of leather, vinyl, or sparkling leather seats, can fetch you greater dividends. When it comes to the exterior, your car gets a higher grade if there are no dents or dings on it. We also give you the best bet for those cars that have a sporty and modern look, depending on the customisation of the car.

Old cars that have hit mileage milestones


Your old car has most likely been lying in your garage for a long time, and you’ve decided to finally sell it to use the space for another vehicle. And the most possible reason is when you’ve hit the 100,000 mile mark and your engine starts puffing and pulling and the rear wheels don’t turn as they used to. What happens when you sell your car at this stage?

Adam Car Buyer makes it possible for you to get the best quote for your old car. A few of the requisites that are looked into when coming to a conclusion with the pay are:

  • Make, model, year of manufacture.

  • The decisive mileage milestone was crossed.

  • Salvageable parts that are of value

  • Condition of the car


Your old car will be quoted a fixed price based on the above two conditions, but you can get a higher price depending on the condition and salvageable parts of your car. Even though most cars that have crossed the 100,000 mark or less might generally be in poor condition, if your car has a good number of exterior, interior, and mechanical features still left, that will be taken into account. We will give you a fair estimate for the seats and cushions and also for the airbags if you have them.

Value for Salvageable parts:

Your old car can go for a great price if the core parts are still intact or have the decisive quality to function well with minimum repair. While most of the parts might be in poor condition, it is important that these two parts are in good condition.

  • Engine:  

The energy source of your car gets the most uptight resale value if it’s in good condition and rocking in performance. Even if the condition of the engine is not that good, you can get a significant amount for it based on the year, make, and model of your car. The price can vary largely between long and short block engines, which have different components altogether. The head gaskets have to be in uptight condition since they are the primary means of an engine.


  • Transmission: 

Considering the complexity of the transmission of a car, it is very important that it is still intact and manages to perform reasonably well to get you a good bargain. Old cars have unlikely gone through the rough to acquire transmission issues in terms of slipping gears or delayed gear engagement. Transmission repairs can be very expensive, so the amount of pay you get will solely depend on its performance.


Other parts such as suspension and brakes will be considered in terms of quality and performance to give you a fair price. The electrical wiring of your car can also cost you some dollars based on its quality.


Recent resale values


There are many real life instances where we would have to trade off with our newly purchased car. Two of the prominent reasons being fuel efficiency and transfer of city. You bought a sports cruiser, but then your boss says a month later that you need to commute to a different location that’s far off. So now you have to consider the fuel efficiency of the car to maintain expenses.

These times can be really challenging, especially when you feel you won’t get the optimum value for your car. But Cash for Cars and Trucks Houston will pay you in full if your car is really what it is. The only real factor checked in this case is the market condition and how your car model is fancied about in Houston.

Depending on the company, model, and demand rate, we will give you the highest bid for your car.

Fair pay for junk car removal


Concerning the rapidity with which junk cars are piling up in Houston, the question of the hour is what pertains to such a junk flow.

Being a land where tourists and citizens just break through the normal daily routines at high speeds, there have been severe cases of accidents that lead to car spoilage and effectively junk cars.

This has led to many people calling out to get rid of their damaged vehicles that cannot be used anymore. Cash for Cars and Trucks lends a free hand to tow the damaged vehicle. Upon receiving your junk car in Houston, we will give you a fair price based on the extent of the damage and salvageable parts.

We use the following metrics to give you a fair price for your junk car in Houston:

  • Estimating scrap metal prices:

Most of your vehicle is made up of steel and aluminum, which can be taken off the trunk load for other industrial purposes. So you decide to pay for the scrap metal in your car. The metal price would completely depend on the market rates at the time and day of the disposal. So we make sure that your vehicle gets the best quote based on the day’s metal rate proceedings.

  • Weight of the car:

Your junk cars can come in handy when they have salvageable parts that can be used by car manufacturers. The prices are estimated based on the condition of the variable parts, also taking into account the market demand for them. This is directly linked to the make, model, and year of manufacture of your car.

  • Salvageable parts and market demand:

When they have salvageable parts that can be used by car manufacturers, the prices are estimated based on the condition of the variable parts, also taking into account the market demand for them. 

We, Adam Car Buyer in Houston, have been buying junk cars for more than 20 years. After you contact us, one of our representatives will visit your location and assess your wrecked car. Our team will offer you the best deal based on the condition of the car. We also buy cars without titles. We provide free pick-up and towing services if your car is not running.