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Sell your Car without Title in Houston, Texas

sell your car without title

Sell your Car without Title in Houston, Texas

Selling a Car without a title

Selling a car without a title can be a tedious and frustrating job. Even with all your papers in order, the process of selling a car without a title is agonizing. The very thought of it forces a lot of Americans every year to abandon their junk cars with no title.

Apart from lost car titles, the reason why cars don’t have titles is that they might have been stolen, or damaged. In other cases, the car might have been abandoned property, bills might be owed on it or the vehicle might have never been registered in the first place. Regardless of lost car titles or any other reason why you find yourself without a title, here is how you sell your car without the title.

selling a car without a title

What is a Car’s title and how is it helpful?

The title of your car is proof of ownership and is probably the most important document when it comes to selling it. The car title proves that the vehicle is legitimate and is not stolen or obtained by dishonest means. Certain states do not allow the selling of cars without titles, in certain others, cars with a lost title cannot be insured or registered, making them practically not worth buying. Your proof of ownership and authorization to sell your own vehicle is invalidated in case of a lost car title.

lost car title

How to get a new title if lost?

The process of getting a new title if lost can be expedited if you are in possession of the vehicle’s original bill of sale. However, different states might ask for different certificates, authenticating the legitimacy of the ownership of your vehicle. You might also be asked to submit a certificate to prove that your car is in proper running condition. The local DMV comes in handy in such cases, to extract information about which documents can help you prove ownership in the case of a lost car title.

In case you are not in possession of the original bill; you can request a duplicate title from the local DMV. If the vehicle is financed or has a lien on it, then this same copy will have to be procured from the lender. Certain documentation has to be submitted and there is obviously a fee pertaining to the issuing of a duplicate title. Information about lost car titles and duplicate titles can be obtained from your local DMV.

The online process of procuring duplicate titles is the same. However, you should find out from your local DMV, if they offer in-person express services which can definitely make the process easier and faster for you. Once the duplicate title is issued, the lost car title will be rendered invalid, even if it is found later. This duplicate title legitimizes the validity of your car’s ownership. This is how to get a new title if lost. However, if it is impossible for you to retrace your lost car title, here is all you need to know about selling or buying a car without a title.

duplicate title

Who Buys Cars Without titles?

Buying a car without a title, would mean that it is solely the buyer’s responsibility to find the lost car title or get a duplicate title. In such cases, the owner of the vehicle must hand over a temporary permit to the buyer. The procedure of procuring a duplicate title must however be in process, to legitimize the transfer of ownership for the car.

exemption on vintage and old cars

Exemption on Vintage and Old Cars with lost titles

In many states, your lost car title has no effect on the legitimacy of your ownership considering the car was purchased 15 years ago. If you buy a car without a title or plan on selling a vintage car with a lost title, a bill of purchase would be enough.

lost car title

Notarizing before Buying a Car without a title

Notarizing before buying a car without a title is a smart way of legitimizing the ownership of a car. This method might not be applicable in certain states, however, getting a notary is always a good idea, as it is not very expensive and also works as additional documentation to validate the ownership of your car.

no title car

Buying a Car without a title? Inform the State

Keeping your state DMV informed about the purchase of your car creates a liability-free situation for you when it comes to paying for future taxes and fees for your car. 

buying a car without a title

Buying a Car without a title if you are from out of state

Buying a car with a duplicate title might just turn out to be the same as buying a car without a title in case you are from another state. The process of selling to out-of-state buyers can be very frustrating as additional documentation might be required pertaining to the laws of the state. In certain situations, even a notarized bill of sale is not enough to authorize ownership. In a lot of cases, an additional notice of sale might be required by the state, to act as a receipt for the transaction. This extra document will not work as proof of ownership, but might be necessary for the registration and licensing of the vehicle. It is always best to check with the state DMV regarding the necessary documentation.

buying a car without a title

The Vermont Exemption on Buying a Car without a title.

Buying a car without a title is allowed in Vermont considering the car is over 15 years old and you have the bill of purchase. The bill can even be handwritten and does not need to be notarized. Your bill, buyer-seller information, and information pertaining to the date and purchase price are all the information you are going to require to sell your title-less car in Vermont. However, double-check the fact that your car is over 15 years old.

texas Lost car title

Texas Lost car title

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