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Evaluating Your Car Scrap Value: How To Get The Maximum Value For Your Junk Car?

car scrap value in Texas

Evaluating Your Car Scrap Value: How To Get The Maximum Value For Your Junk Car?

Believe it or not, you can make a good amount of money on your junk car. Yes! That’s right. Your car scrap value might be more than you think. This is no surprise. The auto recycling industry is the 16th largest sector in the United States and contributes almost 25 Billion Dollars to the GDP. 

So, your trash can turn into your treasure. This does not mean you simply show up with your junk car and expect top dollar for it. However, it might work in some cases as well. To get the maximum value for your junk on wheels, you have to make sure a few things are in order. 

Is Your Junk Car Still Running?

junk car

We know that you’re evaluating your car scrap value and might be wondering why does your car need to run if you’re scrapping it for parts? Well, it causes a substantial difference in its price. If your engine is still running and all parts that make your car move have still got it in them even a little bit, you can expect more value. Car parts are recycled and it’s always better if they are still running, especially functional parts like the engine, gearbox, brakes, etc. 

Salvageable Parts Bump Up The Price

salvageable parts bump up the price

Anything salvageable from your car, can and will hike up its price. Your stereo, power windows, GPS, catalytic converter, battery, and even tires will help you negotiate a better deal. Keep this in mind and don’t forget to bring this to the notice of your buyer. It is important to have a good idea about the condition of your interiors and even the metal parts as these also help you get a good price. 

Don’t waste time With People Who Undervalue your Car

undervalue car

It’s a junk car, you don’t expect to get the price of a new car from it, however, it is important not to price it only about the parts that don’t work. Certain clunkers will only offer you a price as good as the worst functioning parts of your junk car. This is not being fair to your junk vehicle. This is exactly why you should have a good idea about your car scrap value before selling it off to a salvage yard. 

Make Sure You Get An Agreement

salvage yard

The person or salvage yard buying your vehicle should offer you an agreement at the time of purchase. This helps protect you from possible fraud and also works as proof of sale. If you have the title or bill of your car of sale, you must hand over this at the time of the transaction. Having a written agreement justifying the sale of your junk car is an essential part of your sale. Do not take this lightly under any condition.

How Much Can You Expect For Your Junk Car?

car scrap value

Every single junk car is different and its price is dependent on its condition. It is not possible to give you a quote on your car scrap value without taking a look at it. If you’re looking to sell your wrecked car in Houston, Texas, we are here to offer you the best and most fair price possible. 

All you need to do is give us a call and one of our experts will visit you and assess the condition of your car. Based on that, they will give you a fair price, which we guarantee you will be happy with. Once we have a deal, you can drive your junk car down to our salvage yard, or we can get your car towed from where it is, free of charge. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website now and get top dollar on your junk car.

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