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How To Sell A Vintage Car That Needs Work?

junk vintage car

How To Sell A Vintage Car That Needs Work?

Everyone loves vintage cars. They are classy, cool and majorly impressive. However, there comes a point in the life of every vintage car owner, when the bills outweigh the charm

Yes, it is one of a kind and a real beauty on wheels, but it’s just taking up space, gluging oil like a monster or does not even run. It’s time you set your sentiments aside and look towards turning that vintage car into cash. 

Here is everything you need to know about selling vintage cars that need work or don’t work. 

Let’s get started. 

Get Your Vintage Car in Good Shape

get your vintage car in good shape

If your vintage car is in working condition make sure you present it in the best possible condition. A simple wash might not be the best thing for it. In Fact depending on the car, the age and condition, you might want to be careful about spraying it with water. 

It is always advisable to cover the battery, distributor and alternator, carburetor and fuse box with plastic bags before hosing it down. Check on minor cosmetic repairs that the car might need. 

Make sure that the car is in top mechanical condition as well. Clean out that battery tray and add a touch of grease to stop the corrosion. Fish out spare parts that you might add and add it to the sale. The new owner might find them very useful. 

Be Transparent and Straightforward

be transparent and straightforward

It is important for you to realize that your buyer might not treat your prized vintage possession with the same amount of love and compassion. Set your price accordingly. Overpricing your car due to emotional value might leave it in the garage. 

Understand and research the valuation of your car and sell it at a fair price. 

Don’t keep any details from the buyer. If the gearbox is at its last leg or the brake shoe needs work, tell your buyer. Holding details from your buyer will not do you any good. 

Hold On to those Records

hold on to those records

In case you’re selling vintage Ferraris, Aston Martins, Jaguars or Porsches, make sure to hold on to your repair documentation. Only a select number of garages are equipped to do repair work on these brands. It is important to hold the documentation pertaining to any and all repairs done over the years. 

What If Your Vintage Car has Reached Junk Status?

vintage car

If you are stuck with a vintage junk car, here is what you do to turn it into cash

  • Find out as much as you can about your vintage car. Vintage car clubs are a good way to figure out the value of your classic car.
  • You can always use the internet to find out information and details about your junk car.
  • You might find interested buyers from vintage car clubs.Figure out the value of your vintage car through websites online. Having an idea about your car’s valuation will help you charge a fair price for it. 

The Best Place to Sell Your Vintage Car

sell your vintage car

If you are from around Houston, the best way to sell your vintage car is at Adam Car Buyer. With us you can always expect a fair price and also expect to get paid on the same day you inquire.

Our team of experts will thoroughly evaluate your vehicle to find the best value for your vintage car. In case your car is not drivable, we can tow it for you, absolutely free of charge. 

In case your vintage car is done and dusted, we can offer you the best price on it’s parts. We understand what vintage cars mean to their owners and we want to get you the best price possible. 
So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let us take that junk vintage car off your hands.


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