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How to Turn Your Wrecked Car into Cash?

wrecked car into cash

How to Turn Your Wrecked Car into Cash?

What if you could make serious money by selling your wrecked car?

Would you not jump at this opportunity?

Well, as unreal as it sounds, you can sell your wrecked car for serious cash. However, this does not apply to all situations or cars. Keep reading to know more.

Private selling of your Wrecked car

This is not the best option and you might not make much through this. In case your car has been in an accident, you need to make sure that you disclose all details. Withholding any information relating to accident-induced damages might be considered illegal. You need to take care of cosmetic repairs to get the best price for your vehicle. Also, the price of your car will be dependent on the status of your car’s title. A ‘salvaged title’ for your car would result in a much lesser price than your expectations.

selling your wrecked car

Dealership Trade-in of your Junk Car

This only works if you are planning to buy a new car in exchange for your junk car. In case of a damaged car, the dealership might not make an offer. In most situations, the dealership hardly matches the price you want for your car. There are towing charges and a bunch of hidden charges that put down the price of your car further.

junk car

Scrapping your Wrecked Car for Parts

In most situations, this is the best way to make cash from your wrecked car. The various parts of your car can be individually sold for cash. Your car might be a wreck, but it’s parts might be functional and can get you good money. In case a mechanic has already declared the car ‘ dead’, check these things before taking it to the scrapyard. 


Your car battery is the easiest thing to unplug and sell. A dead battery is also worth it, especially if you own a vintage car.

money for metal

Money for Metal

Before scrapping your car, get an idea of its weight and figure out parts that are unhinged or broken. A car’s metal body is worth a lot, irrespective of age or condition. Get a scrapyard to strip your car’s metal for you, in case you cannot do it yourself.

Navigation and Music Systems

Don’t scrap these accessories along with your car. They are easy to remove and might get you some dough. In some cases, you might want to hold on to these as memorabilia. Any working electrical system in your vehicle like a music system, air conditioning, GPS can be sold separately.

exterior and interiors

Exterior and Interiors

Check your windows and car locking system and other aspects of your car’s interior. Undamaged exteriors and interiors can get you a handsome amount, even if the car is a total wreck. Double-check your gearbox, windshields, parking brake, and other parts to see if they are still working.


Don’t forget your Wheels

The last thing to check is your tires. You might be able to get a good deal if your tires are in good condition.

adam car buyer

Selling your Junk Car to Adam Car Buyer

No matter what the condition of your car is, Adam Car Buyer will offer you a fair price for it. From junk cars to wrecked cars to cars with no titles, this is your one-stop shop to sell wrecked cars. We offer the best prices on scrapped parts as well, from batteries to interiors, you will get the best offer. If your car is too run down to be driven, then we offer free towing service in Houston. Our trained professionals will get that junk on wheels off your driveway. Call us today and get an instant estimate on your wrecked car.


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