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How to Sell Your Wrecked Car in Houston

selling wrecker cars

How to Sell Your Wrecked Car in Houston

Sell wrecked cars at the best price only at adamcarbuyer.com. From old cars to crashed cars, to that rusty old truck you got outback, adamcarbuyer.com is ready to offer you the right price for your wrecked car. Serving the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, call (281)732-5040 now for top cash.

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Selling Wrecked Cars?

Selling wrecked cars have never been easier. You can drive your wrecked car to us, if it’s still running? or our highly trained experts will pick up your wrecked car from anywhere within Houston or Texas and tow it off your hands for absolutely free!! Our specialty lies in quickly evaluating and paying you the money that your car rightfully deserves. Almost all our deals are done and closed on the same day you get in touch with us. Don’t hesitate to sell crashed cars as well. Adam Car Buyer is your one-stop-shop for selling wrecked and crashed cars.

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Sell my car for cash.

The wreck/junk car market in Houston is booming and you might not be able to estimate the right value for your used car. From useful parts, your car’s music or navigation system to the very metal your car is made of, all of these aspects can fetch you top dollar. Depending on their condition, you can make up to 40,000$ from that rusty wreck on your driveway, we can already hear you saying, “sell my car for cash.”

sell car to junkyard

What kinds of cars?

  • Sell wrecked cars and crashed cars.
  • Old cars that have gone past their mile-age stones
  • Damaged Trucks that need to be scrapped
  • Cars that fail the annual inspection 
  • Cars without a title

Our chief concern is to get you to sell your wrecked car for the cash it deserves.

how to sell a damaged car

Who Buys a Wrecked Car?

adamcarbuyer.com wants to ask the more glamorous and important question of who pays Adam Car Buyer. Our optimistic attitude is reflected in our intent to deal with wrecked cars. Our enthusiastic team of trained auto recyclers and car enthusiasts, love to turn bits and loads of junk car scrap into productive assets. Driven by passion and a will to refurbish and rejuvenate, we buy wrecked cars and love them.

scrap my car

Sell your used wrecked car to Safeguard the Environment 

Not only an eyesore, abandoned cars are hazardous for the environment. Scrapped car parts like, batteries, tyres, and dead engines, leak and release harmful and toxic chemicals which contaminate groundwater. Do your bit for your community and the environment by selling your junk car to us before abandoning it and walk away with lots of cash. 

To sum it all up, if you are looking to sell your car for cash, call us at (281)732-5040 or visit adamcarbuyer.com, give us the necessary details pertaining to your wrecked car, lock on an instant quote and that’s it. We will pay you the money and tow your junk car from anywhere around Houston to our salvage yard. Selling your wrecked car in Houston has never been easier or more profitable. So stop stalling and start dialing, (281)732-5040 now for top cash.  


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