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Don’t Abandon Your Scrap Car – Know Why?

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Don’t Abandon Your Scrap Car – Know Why?

We know you love your old car but perhaps it’s time to scrap the old junker especially when this rusting pile of metal takes up all your garage space. Disposing a scrap car at the nearest junkyard is a safer option than abandoning it. And here’s the best part – you’re making money and thinking about the environment. Let’s break it down. 

What Happens To An Abandoned Car?

Usually residents report the whereabouts of an abandoned car but many times its left unattended. The tires begin to erode, cracks form on the hose, and fluids leak onto the soil. Chipped cars rust quickly and this depreciates the value of the metal body even more. And let’s not forget, those windows won’t last long enough in an abandoned space. You may even find mold on the back seats if it’s damp outside. Can you picture it yet? It’s time to pay a little more attention so here’s why you shouldn’t be abandoning your scrapped car – 

what happens to an abandoned car

Taking Up Too Much Space (Public and Private Properties)

A scrap car is an eyesore for anyone driving by – whether it is sitting in your garage or abandoned across the street; it reduces a property’s value drastically. Scrap cars are ugly obstacles that take up a lot of space, cause road blockage and other problems in the neighborhood. Even if your car has suffered accidental damage, it’s best to call a reliable junkyard agency for immediate assistance saving you both time and effort. This is just pretty basic right?

Toxic & Hazardous

Not being environmentally conscious? Abandoned cars of every kind are hazardous especially when scrapped car  parts like tyres, batteries and a dead engine are left to decay in the open. Abandoned scrap cars release toxic contaminants into the groundwater. Since recycling companies buy junkyard scrap metal to reduce landfill waste, you can also contribute to a cleaner environment. While abandoning a scrap car is an easy option, it’s easier to call a junkyard removal that offers to tow and buy your scrap junker immediately. 

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You’re Losing Money

Oh yes! Even your scrapped car is worth a dime so why lose the chance to make quick cash? A reliable car junk removal service will buy old cars of every kind irrespective of its condition. From beginning till the end, they offer solutions like towing your car for free, evaluating scrap parts the very same day and paying you a fair amount immediately. Even if you’re stuck with a dead engine, the best junkyard removals will send immediate assistance any time of the day. 

Attract Unwanted Attention

This one’s a big pain! Old cars aren’t easy to remove after being abandoned for ages. The scrapped body attracts pests inclusive of mice, rats and different kinds of insects. You might lose more body parts to thieves and robbers if the car is left unattended for months. That decreases the value of the scrap car and so even if you want to sell it, you’re just losing money by the second. 

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We’re here to help. Adam Car Buyer makes it easy, fast and simple. Keeping all your needs in mind, title or no title, we tow your car for free and offer hassle-free evaluations. If you’re already stuck with a damaged car, call us this instant. 

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